Roots: A look into Mr. Hypeleaves' plant-filled home in the sky

Roots is a series covering cool ass people, where they've decided to lay a foundation for their lives and of course, their plants. 

Meet Chris

Chris aka Mr. Hypeleaves grew up in Mississauga, Ontario but is now living in downtown, Toronto aka downtown, Canada. He works in the pharmacy industry, and this is his bachelor pad in the sky.

How would you describe your style and home?

My home style consists of contemporary and modern. I like clean and sleek lines paired with monochromatic tones for a cozy and comfortable vibe. I try and keep my home as minimal as possible while choosing pieces that are not too over bearing but just fit perfectly. I try to choose items that are timeless that will still remain relevant and nice looking for the years to come.

Favourite area in your home and why?

My favorite area in my home definitely has to be my staircase. It showcases some of my passions in life, plants and travel. I created a gallery wall that includes all my travel snaps alongside a few of my favorite plants that are displayed on the steps and landing. Each time I pass, I’m reminded of a rich and fulfilled life filled with so much gratitude. Everyday, I’m thankful for all the places I’ve been able to see thus far. Furthermore, my favorite plants add a sense of peace and calmness to this crazy life. 

Favourite decor piece, where you got it from?

My favorite décor pieces include travel memorabilia from Peru, Myanmar, Thailand and also my hypebeast displays and books. I try and bring back pieces from my travels within reason since space is limited when backpacking. My hypebeast figurines and books have all been acquired from online sources and Japan.

Chris' Birds of Paradise plant

Favourite plant and why?

While it’s difficult to just pick one favorite plant, my Bird of Paradise has to take this one. I love the presence it gives my home with its large leaves. It’s strong visual statement has made this corner one of my favourite nooks. 

Favourite plant pot/hanger/stand, where you got it from?

My favorite planter is one that I got from Home Sense. I prefer black tones when it comes to my pots and this was just one I couldn’t pass up on as it fit my aesthetic perfectly. It was also one my first purchases since I began my plant collection. Of course, it wouldn’t be true to my style without personalizing it just a touch with the OVO logo. 

Chris' DIY feature wall

Coolest feature of your home? 

The coolest feature of my home is the feature wall my brother and I put together. It’s a statement piece in the living room and sets up the tone and vibe of the rest of the house.

If you DIY, favourite DIY?

My favourite DIY to date is my hanging wall shelf. It was simple to make plus cost effective. I wanted to incorporate both a modern and rustic vibe. 

Ending words from Mr. Hypeleaves:

Thanks for checking out my blog! I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about myself, my style and my home. Check out more on my Instagram @beleaf_in_plants.

Roots is a series covering cool ass people, where they've decided to lay a foundation for their lives and of course, their plants. If you would like to be apart of Roots, or know someone with a cool ass home, please email

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