Roots: Inside this boho-chic light filled loft built in 1900

Roots is a series covering cool ass people, where they've decided to lay a foundation for their lives and of course, their plants. 

Meet Samm

Samm is a 27 year old Taurus ♉ living in a Hamilton, Ontario loft converted from a factory, built in 1900. She lives with her partner Bryan in this open concept 1200 sq/ft 1 bedroom + bath that features original oak beams and ceilings. Samm has been working as a Registered Massage Therapist at a rehabilitation center. This is her home!

How would you describe your style and home?

So many inspirations out there. I guess I would describe my home style as Boho Chic, but it is ever evolving!

Favourite area in your home and why?

My favourite area of my home would have to be my living room, mainly because it's so open and those gosh darn amazing arched windows.

Favourite decor piece, where you got it from?

My favourite furniture decor piece would be my wine cabinet. I actually bought it at Structube but it looks like a vintage industrial piece. I get plenty of compliments on it and I just love the character it brings to my dining room.

Favourite vintage piece, where you got it from?

I love using instagram and marketplace for finding vintage treasures. My current favourite vintage find would have to be my rattan swivel bar stools, from the 1960s, that I snagged off marketplace.

Favourite plant(s), plant pot/hanger/stand and where you got it from?

My favourite plant changes every week, but currently alocasia and begonias have me swooning. A fiddle leaf fig is a must, I hope mine gets big and tall one day and of course pothos never disappoint.

I'm so crushing on brass right now, so my current favourite planter would have to be my brass cutout planter with my spider plant, or a close second would be my raised wicker planter for my red stem Alocasia "Shelly" as I call her.  The brass planter I got from a lovely gal on Instagram who sells vintage pieces and the wicker 3 legged planter is from my favourite local nursery Harper's Garden Center.

Coolest feature of your home? 

My favourite feature of the home however has got to be the windows, it let's so much natural light in for all my plants and that was a key feature when we were house hunting.

If you DIY, favourite DIY?

I can be pretty handy and do the occasional DIY. We have a few bigger projects upcoming, like the kitchen and bathroom that we are slowly upgrading to suit our taste. My most recent DIY would be refinishing my dresser to suit the new neutral vibe I'm going for in the bedroom. Change is good.

What does your dream home look like, and where is it?

My dream home. Honestly, as far as bohemian dream homes go.. I'm in it! I've always wanted to live in a loft. We only bought our place this past summer, and moved in late September, so we're hoping to stay here for a long while. As far as cities go, the Hammer is such an underrated city. I've always been a city girl, my friends would laugh if I ever even suggested something otherwise. But saying that, I do love nature and hiking and can truly appreciate a good view.

Hamilton gives me the exact balance I'm looking for, it's a large enough city that's full of culture and lots of fun attractions without being in the craze of Toronto. Plus it's smack in the middle of nature, with the escarpment and over a 100 waterfalls, there's always a beautiful trail to be found. Saying that, I am a sucker for mountains and hot weather.. the hotter the better! So if I ever leave Hamilton, where I move better have one or both of those things.

If you want to root for Samm, follow her @mustardmayi.

Roots is a series covering cool ass people, where they've decided to lay a foundation for their lives and of course, their plants. If you would like to be apart of Roots, or know someone with a cool ass home, please email


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