Roots: Inside this Toronto-based piercer's boho hideaway

Roots: Inside this Toronto-based piercer's boho hideaway

Roots is a series covering cool ass people, where they've decided to lay a foundation for their lives and of course, their plants. 

Meet Tyne

Meet Tyne

Tyne is a piercer working in Kensington Market, originally from Kingston, Ontario and now living in Queen West, downtown Toronto.

Favourite area in your home and why?

Definitely my green accent wall. I love the mixture of the deep green and religious iconography. Plus my bed is my favourite place to be. It just feels cozy. 

Some of Tyne's vintage favourite pieces?

Favourite vintage piece and where you got it from?

I feel like I grow an emotional attachment to each vintage piece I find. When shopping for an item I obsess over it for months, get let down a few times because someone else buys it before I do, finally find the perfect one, bring it home and fall in love. I have three favorites at the moment. A brass tiger I purchased from instagram (@sanctifiedspace, she is amazing and I am constantly purchasing from her), a hanging lamp from the 60's/70's I got off of Facebook marketplace and a framed poster for the Canadian Opera company from 1986. I found it on the street when I was walking home from work one night.

Favourite plant and why?

That's like picking a favorite child. I have several pothos all over my apartment. They're such easy plants to take care of. But one in particular I bought when I first moved to Toronto and he's been with my for every move. I've dropped him and repotted him several times, forgot about him, and still he's thriving. I'm also in love with my begonia maculata. I use to obsess over fiddle leaf figs and Swiss cheese plants but they are so temperamental. I still have a few of each but I live in constant fear that I am going to over/under water them.
Viridi Vintage bamboo baskets

Favourite plant pot/hanger/stand, where you got it from?

My favourite plant hanger I found at Caams in Kensington market for $6. It's made of seashells and sounds beautiful whenever I have my windows up and a breeze rolls through. My favourite planters I actually purchased from you. Honestly, I'm not even entirely sure they'd be considered planters. Either way, they are these beautiful bamboo baskets and they add to whichever room I move them to. Note: There is 1 vintage bamboo basket available here

Coolest feature of your home?

What sold me on this apartment was this little built in bookcase/nook. The last tenant used it as a TV stand and storage. I knew it's true purpose was for plants and beautiful old books. 

If you DIY, favourite DIY?

My current favorite diy is "can I make this a planter?" I cannot believe the price for good planter. As much as I love my plants I refuse to pay $200 for pot for them to live in. The first section I go to in any thrift store is the glassware section. I have an embarrassing collection of spray pain and a beautiful abstract patio from all the bowls and vases I've spray painted (please don't be like me, use a drop sheet). 
A look into Tyne's home

What and where is your dream home?

My dream home would be an old Victorian home that has been oddly split into two separate apartments making the layout confusing but somehow adding to the character. Exposed brick, a fireplace, big stained glass windows with old creaky flooring. All the trimming and stairs/railing in its natural wood state (because painting over it should be a sin). I know that people like what they like. But seeing old buildings and homes being torn down and turned into these huge modern cookie cutter condos actually hurts my heart. I love to think about families that lived in my home before me. And all the flaws add to the character. Of course I would be incredibly upset if I fell through my floors and ended up in the restaurant downstairs. But a little character makes things cozy. 
Tyne's candle lit apartment

Ending words from Tyne:

I know the world is in a scary place right now. Whether you can support financially by making donations or just by educating yourself and others please do so on what is going on in the black, indigenous, and LBGTQ+ communities. I don't want to tell anyone where they should put their money. Do your research and find places that's stories, beliefs and goals speak to you. 


Roots is a series covering cool ass people, where they've decided to lay a foundation for their lives and of course, their plants. If you would like to be apart of Roots, or know someone with a cool ass home, please email

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