Roots: This home in East Vancouver is all clean lines and vintage

Roots is a series covering cool ass people, where they've decided to lay a foundation for their lives and of course, their plants. 


Meet Alexa 

Alexa is originally from Calgary, Alberta but recently made the move to Vancouver in September. Alexa's family is from Spain and she is half Spanish, half Scottish - she note's her Scottish background is the reason for her freckles! 

Alexa, her husband Jim and their dog, Chino live in a 700 sqft one bedroom apartment in East Vancouver. They're happy with this space considering they had to commit to it based on a FaceTime tour, while still living in Calgary. 

How would you describe your style and home?

I would describe my style as vintage minimalist. I love everything about old farmhouse styles, lots of white, and lots of texture. I try to stick to a few colours when picking out furniture, and then toss in textures and tones to tie it all in together. Our home is based on white, black, and natural tones like beige and terracotta. My favourite textures are woods, jute and rattan. When I find a piece I love or feel like something isn’t working, I paint it white!

Most importantly, we have a ton of plants and so far, they have been thriving! This has been a pleasant surprise for us coming from Alberta where most plants we had eventually died from the cold, dry air! Because we just moved into our new space only two months ago, we are still missing all of the photos and prints we’d like to put up on our walls, but I think that will tie everything together very nicely once we do - while adding the colour we’re lacking!

Favourite area in your home and why?

My favourite area in our home is our living room. It’s where the light shines in most, it’s where our incredibly cozy big white couch is, and it’s where we spend the majority of our time. It poses as a work space, a dining area, a place to gather with friends (not too many of course!) and a place to chill out and binge watch our favourite shows.

Favourite decor piece and where you got it from?

My all time favourite decor piece is our wicker hour-glass side table that I thrifted from an older couple off Craigslist in 2019. I got it for $5 and will never get rid of it! It’s such a perfect shape and piece for beside a couch, chair, or your bed.

Favourite vintage piece, where you got it from?

My favourite vintage piece is a sea shell plant pot I bought from this antique mall in Calgary. Although it doesn’t have the most space for a plant, it’s so cute and resides on top of our tv stand so I can always admire whichever tiny plant I have stuffed in there. :)

Favourite plant(s) and why?

My favourite plant is our Fiddle Leaf Fig because they are impossibly hard to keep alive and so far it’s still thriving! When I think of my favourite places in California, they always have a giant fiddle leaf and I hope to one day grow ours to be large and in charge.

Favourite plant pot/hanger/stand, where you got it from?

My second favourite is our Monstera which recently blossomed a brand new leaf! I absolutely love Old Faithful Shop and Welks (both in Vancouver) for plant pots. Welks has a very affordable selection of pots from small to large and Old Faithful Shop has tons of although pricier, very high quality clay pots!

Alexa's dog, Chino

Coolest feature of your home? 

The coolest feature of our home is our dog. He’ll likely bark at you when you come in, but you’ll quickly be welcomed by him with some form of squeaky toy that he’d LOVE for you to play with.

If you DIY, favourite DIY?

I guess you could call the pieces I paint white a DIY, and I love our vintage bar cart that I painted white. It was originally a really ugly dark brown, but now that it’s white, it really helps the tinted glass inside pop and adds a much more of a light and bright feel to our home. We also DIY’d an ikea spice rack with some hooks at our front entrance! This was 100% stolen from Pinterest but we quickly needed to come up with a quick way to hang masks, keys and our dog leash, right at the door and it’s truly been a life saver.

What style and where is your dream home? 

My dream home is a small California bungalow and since I’m being so modest, it should be perfectly attainable… right? We’re still getting to know Vancouver and our favourite neighbourhoods, but we’ve been really happy in East Van and being so close to North Vancouver has been great for getting outdoors!

Ending words from Alexa

If I can leave you with a cause I’d like you to support, it’s to please please please adopt don’t shop! xx

Roots is a series covering cool ass people, where they've decided to lay a foundation for their lives and of course, their plants. If you would like to be apart of Roots, or know someone with a cool ass home, please email


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